Monday, July 26, 2010

It was the summer of 10!

Standing on your mama's porch.....those were the best days of my life.....back in the summer of 69! Remember those words from the Bryan Adams album, it so reminds me of hot summer days/nights, and wow, are those days upon us here in Minnesota! I haven't been able to do any shows this summer, due to my hubby being out of town working, but I do have some fabulous summer specials going now and into September. Don't forget, from now through the end of July, take 25% off anything purchase over $18.

August will bring back FREE shipping with any order.

September is a "draw a ticket from the box" month. I will be hosting a Trunk Show in early September where I will have a drawing with your purchase. You draw a ticket from the box to see what % you can take off the price! Percentage will range from 5% up to 50% off your purchase. For on-line orders, I will have my daughters draw a ticket from the box (just to be fair) and will refund the amount toward your paypal account.