Monday, January 17, 2011

Is Winter in MN done yet?

Wowie! Have we had a heck of a winter or what? It seems to be snowing every other day right now and my shovel is getting worn out! The cold weather is somewhat bearable, since we had 30-40's during the week of Christmas.
A good cup of hot chocolate is always tasty when it's cold out and so is mid-winter and the countdown to spring.
I've created lots of new items and am trying something new with modern art in my jewelry. My newest piece PICASOMAN was inspired by a candlestick holder I saw in a store.

I've relisted some items for Valentine's Day and will be creating/posting more pieces shortly so you can get in on the deals. January offers you a FREE pair of earrings of your choice with any $35 or more purchase. February will bring an even "sweeter" deal, look for postings at the end of Jan.

Happy countdown to winter and the days are getting longer as well, in the northern hemisphere!

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