Wednesday, March 9, 2011

PLEASE Mr. Groundhog, let the SPRING weather you PROMISED us, come SOON!

Spring time in Minnesota can not come soon enough. We've had a record year for snow and the weather has been frigid!
Before I forget, I am trying some new things starting in March. First, I will feature one item each month that will range from 10%-50% off retail price and will advertise this via email, my etsy website and my blog.
Second, I'm trying out some new designs....coming soon! Read more below about my process!!

Needless to say, this winter has given me time to think long and hard about my individual talent as a jewelry designer. The beading population has flourished in the last 10 years, leaving artists to really hone in on their designs. I have to agree, an artist must create works of art that stand out from the crowd!!

As I sit and create what I call a unique master piece, the thought crosses my mind, "is this something that I would wear everyday?" Is it unique compared to other jewelry artists? How can I say, this is "my design and only mine"?
Do I go back to school and take an art history class? Take more classes on design and/or beading? Study other artists talent? I've done a lot of prospecting, sitting hours on the computer looking at jewelry design, trying to decide (in my mind) if what I have sketched on paper is like no one else's work.
I've decided to try and create jewelry based on furniture, home decor and building design. My first attempt was based on a candlestick I saw in a magazine.

I called it "Picasoman", because I thought it was modern like what I see Picaso drawing/painting.

My next attempt was based on the movie Sex in the City and New York. It has form and modernism art work galore!

I have a 3rd piece coming (pictures need to be published). I didn't base this necklace on anything, but trying to be different from other pieces I've done. I get plenty of compliments when I wear it, but am not sure if it's sleek enough for my taste or what I'm yearning for.

Oh well, it's always back to the drawing board for me as I hope/pray my modern creativity comes forth in my jewelry pieces. You'll see more last of winter designs and some pretty spring colors coming soon!

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Jenn said...

Hello fellow EtsyMom! I am impressed with your jewelry designs. I hope you get spring time soon.