Saturday, April 27, 2013

April snowshowers to bring May spring???!

Wow, it's been a wild spring here in MN, but we're glad the snow is least we hope (since it just snowed last week, again)! I'm promoting some summery jewelry to get Mother Nature to listen up and bring on the flowers, green trees, and the warm beach weather.

 This necklace is specially marked down 30% for the rest of April and all of May to get everyone thinking of spring and summer.

PLUS, the Clearance section of my store has 15% up to 50% off  (also can be used with the "deal of the month"). If you're looking for some fresh and new accessories to go with your summer wardrobe, now is the time to check out these savings!!!  Click on the link below, to redirect your web page right to the Clearance section):

Think spring and warm summer months!

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